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Terika Clark, Director of Inspections at MADSKY

Terika Clark, Director of Inspections at MADSKY

“I’m a mom. I live in Mississippi — I was born and raised here. I think I’m pretty funny. I try to have fun and I try to find the silver lining. That’s just me. When I have spare time, I like to paint and do anything outdoors.

I started with MADSKY in March of 2016. I was three months pregnant with my son.

Prior to MADSKY I worked for an adjusting firm, so I took all the knowledge that I had and applied it to what we do here.

I think our company is something this industry has always needed. When I was presented with the opportunity to come to MADSKY, I was very excited because there was a disconnect between contractors, policy holders, and the insurance companies. So our company bridges the gap between them. It helps homeowners to be able to trust the contractor, and it helps the carrier to be able to trust the contractor because we’re like the neutral party that meshes everyone together. I love that because it gives the customer confidence and it gives the carrier confidence. And, we’re the problem solver in the middle —we’re able to help everybody.

My current role is Director of Inspections. I oversee all of our estimators, I assist with the inspections, help with the basic contractor troubleshooting, help facilitate concerns from the carrier, and do trainings. I’m here as a support system to our team. And just make sure that the day goes smoothly: from scheduling our estimators with the contractors, making sure those schedules take place, that the documentation is there, moving things forward to bringing the customer to a resolution for their claim.

It’s definitely been fun and interesting. The great thing about a startup company is that you get to grow with them and you get to try different things.

It’s been great to see the vision come to life, because the vision was there and we just had to figure out how to make it work. And I think we’ve done a really good job of evolving the company over the years.

We have some amazing brainpower at our company. You can be in a conversation and someone would just say something and the light would come on like, “We didn’t think about that!”. We have a lot of really knowledgeable people in all different aspects of our company. And it’s really amazing to me how all the processes that are in place for each area work together to make the company successful.

Ultimately what we do is helping people, because homes are most people’s largest investment. So when something happens to their property, a lot of people have anxiety about an insurance claim, or finding a contractor… so we can help them with all that. And I think it’s a really great way for us to do our job and help people at the same time.

I don’t have much spare time now; in this business you have busy seasons. But when it slows down I want to travel, go to the mountains, go to the beach, things like that. Just be outdoors.”