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Thank You Letter to our Family of Contractors

Julie Wynn

Julie Wynn, Senior Vice President of Operations, MADSKY

Network Partners,

As the year comes to a close and I reflect on the past 12 months at MADSKY, one word comes to my mind in regards to our family of contractors. That word is resilience. Through a year of unrest and unknowns, our contractors rose to the occasion. 

You were resilient every time you ran a claim for a homeowner who needed support after weather added more unease to their life. You were resilient not only when you showed up to respond, but you showed up while taking additional measures to avoid further exposure to COVID-19. You were resilient by adapting to these challenging times and getting creative to keep business afloat. You were also resilient when you showed up for us at MADSKY. Each and every one of you are the foundation that MADSKY needs to operate. 

Together we achieved great results in 2020: we helped thousands of customers with their home restoration needs, our customer satisfaction rate continued to increase, and we reduced our claim cycle time significantly. Let’s celebrate these achievements!

This winter MADSKY is investing in quality. Internally, we have deployed an initiative called Flight to Quality that has a focused review of all internal processes. This review will further guide us to frictionless claims. We are also getting to know our new team members at CodeBlue and working to finalize our roadmap to the future. 

While we celebrate the new year, let’s take pride in the resilience demonstrated through a historically complicated year. On behalf of everyone at MADSKY, we thank each and every one of you for navigating this difficult year alongside us.

Happy New Year and here’s to a wonderful season in 2021 and many years to come!


All my best,

Julie Wynn
Senior Vice President of Operations