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Meet our passionate people: Jordan Cook, Production Manager

Jordan Cook

Jordan Cook

I was born and raised in Colorado; I’ve been here my entire life.

I went to college for music education to be a band teacher but realized that there wasn’t much opportunity in that field. Schools were cutting their music departments; nowadays, kids are losing interest in playing music. So, I switched gears and I got an opportunity to work for a national restaurant chain out of college as a supervisor. I worked my way up to Regional Training Manager and stayed with them for about seven years. I trained General Managers how to operate stores, which was fun for a while.

I lived in Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, and the Roaring Fork Valley during this time. I’m a pretty big outdoorsman, so living in the mountains was my happy place. I grew to realize that I reached a place in my career where someone had to either retire or die for me to move up. So, I was back down to the front range to look for new opportunities. That’s when my friend Chase Baumgartner called me about this interesting company he worked for that needed management talent and I decided to give it a shot, try something new. That’s how I got to work at MADSKY.

Ive been with MADSKY for almost three years now. We’re groundbreakers in a sense and that’s exciting for me.  I love the challenge of working in an industry where the paths have not been walked down before. I manage the production, supplements, and accounts receivable departments for MADSKY.

Music is still a passion of mine. I was trained classically and in jazz; my main instrument was the trumpet. But I’ve transitioned to playing guitar and bass since college to fill the void. I’m still active, playing in rock bands across the Denver metro area. We haven’t played any shows this year because there’s no opportunity, but we played all around Denver before Covid-19. We’ve opened for nationally known bands like Starship, Eve 6, and Cowboy Mouth. We have played pretty much every noteworthy venue there is to play in Denver.

I would describe 2020 as a personal challenge in all walks of life. I think well look back and see a turning point for the way the world was. Hopefully, we’re going to appreciate the little things a lot more going forward and understand that, as a species, we have the ability to overcome and find a way to accommodate our lives.

I think the biggest lesson of 2020 is that, regardless of our situation, we can only control our attitude and our actions. We can’t control how the world is going to work around us. All we can really control is how we approach every day, and what we do to make it better. 


Whats your favorite color? I gravitate towards green.

Whats your favorite quote? There’s a quote that’s stuck with me from my days in high school. There was this big poster in the band room where we would rehearse and this poster said:If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, you’re fired”. I don’t know why, but that stuck with me. I’ve been in management for probably 15 years of my life now, and I’ve said that so many times to my teams.