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MADSKY is your partner for home restoration after a storm.

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MADSKY Provides Excellent Claim Management Service

We are your partner for roofing and exterior claims

We are trailblazing a new standard of service that blows away historical industry trends. We do this by putting data and technology to work. Our talented team of professionals coupled with a national network of vetted contractors and suppliers, enable us to serve policyholders, small to mid-size commercial businesses, and more.

We care a great deal about customer service

The MADSKY team is purpose-driven, big-hearted, and truly care about the people we serve.

Our Contact Center is available to all our customers, so they have someone on standby to help with any issues that may arise during a restoration project.


Benefits of Partnering with MADSKY

Faster Claim Cycle

By leveraging technology we deliver faster results. Typically, a MADSKY assignment from open to job complete is half the cycle-time than a traditional roofing claim.

Fair and Accurate Estimates

On every inspection we perform the Repair vs. Replace determination. MADSKY’s internal roofing experts review the file to determine repairability – which is backed by a national performance guarantee.
Estimates are completed to carrier specifications.

National Network of Trusted Contractors

MADSKY sources vetted and licensed elite contractors to join our network. They go through a thorough onboarding process and regular performance evaluation to meet our quality standards.
Once a contractor is sourced MADSKY manages the job from start to finish.

Market Price on Materials

With our Materials Purchase Program, the roofing material line items on the estimate will represent a more accurate market price.

The MADSKY Warranty

We stand behind our service that exceeds industry norms with a 3-year warranty for roof repair, and a 5-year warranty for roof replacement. 

Our Products

Managed Repair Program

Our Managed Repair Program is designed to be easily integrated into your process and systems, providing you with 100% accountability for each claim, while drastically cutting cycle times and improving overall satisfaction with your insured. We offer concierge-level service and manage claims from start to finish.

Direct Repair Program

If you already have an estimate, use our network of experienced contractors to complete the work for your insured. Leverage our Direct Repair Network with services and comprehensive roofing knowledge.

Inspection-Only Service

Our Inspection-only service leverages our experienced contractor network and our internal construction experts to complete inspections and provide fair-value estimates. Additionally, MADSKY reduces cycle-time from First Notice of Loss to estimate returned.

Material Purchase Program

By leveraging our national network of manufacturers and supplies, we help carriers pay a fair market price for roofing supplied - countrywide.

Our Process: Fast and Efficient


Integrate claim qualification at FNOL to channel MADSKY qualified losses fast.

Customer Service

Our customer service center contacts the homeowner within an hour and schedules the inspection within 48 hours.

Inspect and Estimate

Our vetted contractor and licensed adjustor complete a virtual inspection and generate an estimate.

Policyholder Decision

We answer any questions, and upon homeowner's repair decision collect an Authorization to Repair (ATR) to direct payment to MADSKY.


MADSKY monitors the job to completion, documention milestones and releasing payment upon satisfactory completion.

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