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Grow your Roofing Business - Join MADSKY's Contractor Network!

Take your Company to the Next Level

Growing a business is not a straight-forward process. Having the right partner can help you achieve your goals faster.

At MADSKY, we connect contractors to homeowners and insurance carriers and use our innovative system to simplify the claim process for all.

Join MADSKY's Preferred Contractor Network to receive roofing and exterior claims from top insurance carriers, training opportunities for your team, and support through the claim process. We are your partner for growth!

How it works

As we receive claims from carriers or directly from homeowners, we assign them to contractors in our network - one contractor per claim!

We don't sell leads, we distribute assignments. Therefore, our contractors have high closing rates and use MADSKY Managed Repair Program to supplement their retail work.

And guess what? Joining our network is free. However, your company has to meet our qualification requirements to be accepted.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

  • 3+ years in business
  • Better Business Bureau rating of A or better
  • Google rating of 4 stars or better

We value professionalism and high-quality work. If your company meets these requirements, we look forward to welcoming you in our contractor network!

Join MADSKY's Contractor Network!

Get claims from top carriers

Get roofing and exterior claims from top insurance carriers at no cost. We don't sell leads, we distribute assignments - one contractor per job.

Be first in the neighborhood!

Receive timely claims and be first to establish a presence in the neighborhood. Any referrals are all yours.

Seamless payments

Get paid within a week after completing a job and submitting all paperwork.

Simplified process

Reduce your team's administrative workload with our simplified process.

Expand your business

Grow in your area and expand to new markets.

More about our Program:



As the claim assignments come in from carriers or homeowners, our team will dispatch them out to the contractor network. MADSKY will connect contractors to policyholders for the inspection and documentation of damage, estimation and restoration services. One contractor per job.


Cash Flow

When it comes to opportunity, we understand cash flow can hinder some contractors when there are multiple projects. We moved this obstacle out of the way and made it effortless by MADSKY paying for roofing supplies, resources, data, estimates, software, CAD costs, and more. The contractors are responsible for paying their crews. MADSKY takes care of the reconciliation with the insurance company. You collect the deductible from the homeowner and MADSKY takes care of the rest.



You can rely on MADSKY to handle the administrative tasks from scheduling the inspection to writing estimates in compliance with insurance carrier specifications. Our technology integrates with the primary software packages insurance companies use to administer and manage the claim process. We provide you access to our system for managing all aspects of your claim.



Through measured success, defined by benchmarks tracked through MADSKY\'s customized software, contractors can earn Lightning Preferred Status gaining exposure to more opportunities, higher profit margins, and special offers.



MADSKY offers a step-by-step introduction to our business, inspection methods, and protocol for repairs as well as advanced training to support your success in the program.

Join MADSKY's Contractor Network!

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"All of us at HHR Exteriors value our partnership with MADSKY and are big fans of your Managed Repair Program. Being the dedicated Contractor assigned to all the jobs you send over is very important, as my team closes over 80% of those jobs. We understand that MRPs are going to be the way of the future in this industry and we want to be one of the Contractor leaders."

- Ken Hubbel, Owner, HHR Exteriors