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MADSKY's Contractor Network Benefits


We are your partner for growth.

When contractors decide to partner with MADSKY, it boils down to these three drivers:

  1. Growth
  2. Opportunity
  3. Respect

We pass roofing and exterior claims from our insurance company partners directly to Contractors in our Network, helping you grow your business in your area and expand to new territories.

National Membership Benefits

When it comes to opportunity, we understand cash flow can hinder some contractors when there are multiple projects. We moved this obstacle out of the way and made it effortless by MADSKY paying for roofing supplies, resources, data, estimates and more. The contractors are responsible for paying their crews.

We value our national contractor’s network. Their professionalism and partnership mean the world to us and respect the heck out of the work they do.  We work hard every day to ensure our service is unforgettable along with backing the work with an industry-leading warranty.

Training, Resources, and Support

MADSKY offers a step-by-step introduction to our business and our inspection methods. The tutorials provide training on each phase of the MADSKY process and the proper protocol for repairs. Communication is a high priority to ensure success at every step as we put technology and data to work. We integrate with universal platforms and track trends, weather and more. We also have in-house experts who monitor legislative compliance in all 50 states for regulatory issues and more.

Membership Benefits



MADSKY creates agreements with Insurance Carriers that require restoration services after a storm event impacts an area. As the claim assignments come in from the insurance companies, our team will dispatch out to the network. MADSKY will connect contractors to policyholders for the inspection and documentation of damage observations, estimation and restore services. One contractor per job.


Cash Flow

MADSKY takes care of the reconciliation with the insurance company. You collect the deductible from the homeowner and MADSKY takes care of the rest including the cost of certain shingle material types.



You can rely on MADSKY to handle the administrative tasks from scheduling the inspection to writing estimates in compliance with insurance carrier specifications. Our technology integrates with the primary software packages insurance companies use to administer and manage the claim process. We provide you access to our FCX (Frictionless Customer Experience) system for managing all aspects of your claim.



Through measured success, defined by benchmarks tracked through MADSKY’s customized software, contractors can earn Lightning Preferred Status gaining exposure to more opportunities, priority on leads, higher profit margins, and special offers.



When you first join our program, MADSKY offers a step-by-step introduction to our business and our inspection methods. The tutorials provide training on each phase of the MADSKY process and the proper protocol for repairs. It only takes a few hours to complete, and it is free for a contractor's entire team.

Join Our Contractors Network

When severe storms threaten the safety and comfort of our communities, The MADSKY Network will be there to connect insurers and homeowners with thousands of skilled tradesmen and roofing contractors nationwide.

Join our network! Complete this form to get in touch with one of our representatives.


“All of us at HHR Exteriors value our partnership with MADSKY and are big fans of your Managed Repair Program (MRP). Being the dedicated Contractor assigned to all the jobs you send over is very important, as my team closes over 80% of those jobs. We understand that MRPs are going to be the way of the future in this industry and we want to be one of the Contractor leaders."

- Ken Hubbel, Owner, HHR Exteriors