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How to Deal with Roof Storm Damage


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If weathering a natural disaster is difficult, dealing with its aftermath can feel overwhelming. It’s easy to feel stressed, discouraged, and anxious when your home is damaged, but a smooth repair process can help to relieve some of the pain. 

Here are some things that you can do to help kickstart the repair process in the wake of a natural disaster.

Step 1: Document all damage

Dealing with the aftermath of an unexpected natural event can be emotionally draining. Most homeowners need a day to come to terms with the damage — however, it is in your best interest to get the insurance processes and home repairs started as quickly as possible. 

You may want to start by taking some notes on the visible damage done to your home and be prepared to provide details to your insurance representative. Having the necessary information at hand will make filing a claim easier and kickstart a timely repair process. For your safety, it’s best not to get on the roof.

Step 2: File your claim

Once you finish taking notes, contact your insurance company and file a claim. During this process, you will be asked to provide details about the damage. The filing process will differ depending on your insurance company and the nature of your coverage. If your insurance company has a relationship with MADSKY, the representative processing your claim may offer to enroll you in MADSKY’s Managed Repair Program, which would allow you access to a network of reliable contractors and to MADSKY experts who will help manage your claim from start to finish. In addition, MADSKY provides a three-year warranty for repairs and a five-year warranty on roof replacement (on top of the contractor’s warranty), which is transferable in case you sell your home. The choice to opt-in is entirely yours.

Step 3: Prepare for pre-repair visits

Typically, after a homeowner files a claim, they can expect an insurance adjuster or a local contractor to visit their home, often multiple times, to assess the extent of the damage. A licensed adjuster will then compare the findings to the policy to determine coverage.

With MADSKY, the process is streamlined and more efficient. Once you agree to work with MADSKY, a company representative will connect you with a vetted contractor who has the capabilities to complete your repairs. The contractor will visit your property to assess the damage and complete an online consultation with one of MADSKY’s in-house insurance adjusters. By the end of the visit, the adjuster will have gathered the information needed to evaluate the findings, determine repair costs, confirm the amount of the deductible and work with the insurance company to provide the correct reimbursement for your specific claim. 

For financing assistance for your deductible, MADSKY has partnered with Hearth to help you find competitive, unsecured roof financing options.

Step 4: Begin Repairs

In most cases you, the homeowner, are primarily responsible for finding a contractor and overseeing the repairs. A difficult repair can drag on for weeks if problems arise, but with MADSKY, the process can be considerably less stressful. 

Once the MADSKY preferred contractor completes their inspection and shares their findings with the adjuster,  you can sign the Authorization to Repair along with the contractor’s home improvement contract. This will speed up the repair process. Once the estimate is approved, MADSKY will generate a purchase order for the necessary roofing supplies. In most cases we can have them delivered to your home within 48 hours from the time the order has been placed by the contractor. Typically, there’s a short turnaround time associated with roof repair. However, the repairs timetable may lengthen if other exterior features of the house — windows, gutters, or siding, for example — are damaged and require more extensive repairs. Every step of the way, the MADSKY team monitors and actively manages the repair process to make sure that you receive top quality service.

At MADSKY, we know that the aftermath of a natural event can feel stressful. We are here to deliver trust and comfort, connect you to vetted contractors, and help manage your claim from start to finish. We hope that the steps described above will give you the insight you need to navigate your home repair process.