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Five Keys To Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

To have a successful roofing company I think all would agree that creating the right customer experience is at the top of the list. Whether you are working a MadSky MRP job or one of your own, customer neglect always leads to a bad experience. Here are five key things that will help you focus on your customer’s best interest.

First, create confidence through clear communication. Be clear and concise every step of the process. Never leave your customer wondering what’s next. Above all, avoid over-promising and under delivering.

Second, create an unforgettable positive experience that lasts long after you have completed their work. It’s the little things that make lasting memories.

Third, remember first impressions really matter. Be polished, professional, and prompt. It is difficult to overcome a bad initial encounter.

Fourth, be willing to go the extra mile when needed. An unexpected or unplanned issue should not cause keep you from making it right for the customer.

And fifth, never forget that you ultimately control the outcome of each customer’s experience, good, bad or indifferent.