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Meet our Passionate People: Nicole Prescott, Senior Supplement Technician

“I experienced a severe fire and I understand to a degree what our customers are going through”

Nicole Prescott and her family

Nicole Prescott and her family. Photo: personal archive

I am originally from Northern Virginia. My husband Dave is an aerospace engineer; he designs rockets and satellites, and things like that. He was offered a project that he couldn’t pass up, so that’s how we ended up here in Colorado. 

Together we have three boys, ages four, six and seven. And I’m really proud to be a boy-Mom. I wasn’t sure that we would have kids, and we were really blessed to have three. They keep us on our toes. Something new every single day.

In 2001, I experienced a severe fire

I was living in a condo in Virginia at the time. There was some faulty wiring, and a week before Christmas my home caught on fire and I lost everything that I owned. I remember going through the process of trying to find normalcy, and getting back to my life as quickly as possible.

Because that’s my background and my experience, I understand to a degree what our customers are going through. So, I try that much harder to assist where I can to get them taken care of as quickly as possible, and get them back to normal.

The most amazing organized chaos

That’s actually how I got involved in the restoration business. As I was watching all the firefighters I thought, “That is the most amazing organized chaos I have ever seen.” I stayed and watched until they put everything out. I signed up to volunteer with my local fire department the next day and I volunteered with them for 12 years.

Any time you have a major life event or disruption at home life is just not normal. You want to feel settled and it’s hard to relax until everything is back in place, you know? So my heart goes out to everybody.

I’ve been working in the restoration and insurance industry for 19 years

I started as a senior project manager with a disaster restoration company. And I primarily did fire inspections and restoration, both inside and outside. I did that for fifteen years. I joined MADSKY in 2017 after relocating to Colorado and I’ve been with them ever since, which has been such a blessing. I’m so grateful because it allowed me to be able to work around my schedule.

Currently, I am Senior Supplement Technician with MADSKY

As part of the supplement team, I assist with revisions and supplements that are needed to update or correct the existing scope of work or the estimate. I love being part of the MADSKY team and taking care of policyholders and contractors. My goal, and what I strive for every day, is to be helpful and provide quality work and good service to everyone that I work with.

I went to a graphic design school back in ’94 to’96 and I still do small design projects. If I’m not working, you will actively find me and my family either camping or hiking. We are just thrilled with all the options that are available here in Colorado and look forward to each new adventure.