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Anytime someone talks about keeping employees happy, there are typically a few things mentioned; money, environment, flexibility, etc. These things matter but the key to attracting quality talent and keeping them is to provide them INTENTIONAL Development and Growth opportunities in your organization. Let me reiterate a simple principle that carries a powerful outcome if executed; What you invest into your people will provide a great return back to you and your organization. You get what you give.

Being intentional about growing people is critical to development of your company’s future. Intentional by definition means, done on purpose. You see growth and development does not occur by accident, it is a deliberate action. If you are going to grow and develop your people it has to be intentional. It must be a regular calendar event.

A solid growth and development leadership tract takes into account your present talent and maps a way for them to participate in your future growth. Let me finish by talking about the psychological effect that this investment strategy into intentional growth and development provides. Understanding how people think, what motivates them, and affecting them at that level is where you begin to see change in their behavior. People with ambition are always mindful of not just where they are but have internal messaging that goes on driving them to their desired future. By providing a path for the ambitious to run on to get where their desired future resides gives you huge advantage in not just attracting great talent but retaining them as well.
Remember this, to get you have to give. As you start investing into people you can expect the return needed to not only justify the investment but reap a sizable, and meaningful return.