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Finding balance in life is critical to finding business success.  For the sake of discussion, let me give you my working definition of a balanced life.  It is a life that is arranged in good proportions. Utopia is the life that is ARRANGED in GOOD PROPORTIONS, and each portion serves as a part not the whole, with all portions combined making up the Balanced LIFE!  You see I am of the opinion that the imbalanced life is the direct catalyst that produces the un-productive, un-motivated, under inspired, under performers in our organizations.  When life neglects the pursuit of balance, failure can be assured.  It’s not a matter of if, but when, and how many casualties will be affected.

Ask yourself this question: What price am I willing to pay for success in my business?  If you cannot answer that question, welcome to the imbalanced life. There is in life what I refer to as “the exchange rate,” meaning, “What I am willing to give for something in return?”  If the exchange rate required for having a successful business comes at the cost of poor family relationships, then I’m not interested.  What does the exchange rate for return look like in the mirror of your life?  Again, is it worth it?  If one area of your life so dominates your attention, affection, drive, and desire at the cost of everyone and everything around you, my friend, you are the living definition of imbalance.

The good news is that doesn’t have to persist.  A well-arranged life into good proportions will develop a well-rounded productive life.  So actually continuing to miss your kids ballgame, skipping vacations, refusing to take time off is counter productive to a productive and meaningful life both personally and professionally.

For years I have listened to leaders in the roofing industry admonish present staff and potential recruits of the insane commitments required to be successful. Owners stay frustrated due to the facts that no one can or is willing to abide to those rigorous standards.  If work requirements allow people to still have lives, believe me when I say productivity will soar to greater heights with less pressure from the “BOSS”.

Happy home lives generally will produce more productive work forces.  You cant imagine how much more gained support your work force will experience when they are given the encouragement to live the rest of their live fully.  One of the hardest things to overcome is feeling resented.  I can assure you that when you neglect other areas of life that create imbalance resentment is built and that wall is hard to climb.  Make it your priority as the leader to inspire the balanced life as a requirement of employment; it will pay off in unparalleled productivity leading to the results deserved.

So let me give you my list of characteristics of the balanced life.  In my opinion we all are made up of 4 working ingredients; body, soul, spirit and relationships.  Let me take just a minute and explain to you how to develop and maintain congruency in these 4.

The Balanced life requires regular attention individually to each of these categories.  It is not my intention to council by category by endorsing a particular plan of action because everyone is different.  The overriding issue is the attention required.  You cannot have the balanced life and neglect your body.  Give attention to taking care of the resident temple.  We are stressed, pressured, and beat down just living a normal paced life.  It is critical that you take time to refuel and protect against the damage of life to the body.  I am a big believer in the effects of what goes into our body in direct relationship to what our bodies can equip us to perform  As I get older things don’t work as well as they use to and it is important that I not neglect taking care of what I have so that I can perform at my maximum capacity.  Listen to your body and adjust to meet the every growing tolls taken.

The second category is the soul.  To me this is the ingredient that gives us the ability to reason, form conclusion, and make decisions.  Staying sharp in your mind is competitive advantages we can’t afford to lose.  Stay mentally sharp by working your brain.  There are many tools available to assist you in sharpening that saw on a regular basis.  Better decisions, and discovering clear path are found inside this exercise.

The third ingredient is the spirit.  This to me is all that is in us that is eternal.  I dare not use this platform as a place to persuade you to my convictions but rather force you to study your own.  Find solace in strength beyond yourself because as you have experienced at times it is all you have to hold on to.  Faith at times is all that keeps us centered and continuing forward.  You show me a man with no moral compass and I will show you a train wreck looking for a hard stop.  Fight for peace in your spirit and balance will be waiting for you.

Finally, relationships.  Life is to tough to live by yourself.  Personally, relationships with my wife, son, extended family, and friends have become an anchor for me in times of trouble. And in the same breathe the source of happiness, joy and contentment beyond description.  Make an effort to build healthy, productive relationships that you can draw from and give back too.

So this is the balanced life that matters.  As the leader inspire your organization to live the balanced life and set back and watch the exponential results that follow not far behind.