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Mandy Tylor, MRP Manager at Xcel Roofing

Mandy Tylor, MRP Manager at Xcel Roofing

Mandy Tyler, Managed Repair Program Manager at Xcel Roofing, has been in the roofing industry for almost a decade. She shares Xcel’s passion for raising the bar in the construction industry through experience, customer service, and giving back to her community. Xcel Roofing is a Lightning Preferred member of MADSKY’s Contractor Network. Mandy shared a few insights about Xcel’s tremendous growth and navigating the challenges of this unusual year.

“Our company brand is 30 years old. Our ownership, James Harding and Matthew Preister, bought it in 2016 because of the amazing reputation it had locally. We always had our head towards growth, sharing the local service and quality standards ideals with a broader customer base.

We joined MADSKY Managed Repair Program shortly after; it’s been great having a partner for growth. I always tell my spouse that it’s nice to grow individually, but it’s better to grow together. And that’s what I see between Xcel and MADSKY.  In the years that we have partnered, we have serviced many customers together and continue to provide standards and set the bar for service.

Within just two or three years we’ve expanded to nine territories in six states. We opened six offices in 2018 and three offices in 2019.

Raising the bar by providing solid work

We really want to raise the bar of the roofing industry by providing solid work. We have heard the horror stories of the industry and, here at Xcel, we are adamant about making it better. We have a definite resentment for any “Chuck in a Truck” who’s taking deductibles and running, not completing work, or leaving customers in bad situations.

We are huge on communication. We are licensed, bonded, and insured in every territory. Through Managed Repair Programs like MADSKY, we’re expected to do the best to hold high standards, and that’s who we are.  Our values align, so that our customers have peace of mind before, during, and after production.

The challenges of 2020

This year we had to put many of our expansion goals on hold.

Covid is nasty stuff. Some of our expanded areas, like Arizona, have been hit the hardest by Covid. So, we’re talking 125 degrees during the summer months, with stay-at-home orders in place, no networking allowed, and no door-knocking allowed. This is when we’ve really fallen back on our social media and managed repair programs to help us connect with homeowners.

We’re developing, for the first time, no-contact estimations and no-contact roof assessments. We started using our drones this year more and more. We started doing a lot with digital communications, choosing a new software with a Customer Relationship Management portal so our customers can see the project status anytime. We’ve been developing that on the fly. It’s going to take some time to see how successful it really is, but it meets the need in the community, which is what we really want.

Expanding our horizons

Expansion also means expanding our horizons and learning more about our craft and our industry. For instance, when we expanded to Arizona, we came across brand new roofing materials, like clay roofs, and new situations, like air conditioning systems and solar panels on roofs. Solar panels are so prevalent there and we’ve never truly worked with them in the Midwest before. We were able to educate the entire company off of one territory like Arizona.

We really want to expand to where there is a need through managed repair programs like MADSKY. That’s a big deal to us because we never want to just venture into a territory alone and start from scratch. We always feel like we have a teammate when we expand.

Our growth is determinant upon MADSKY, so we value our relationship most because of the opportunity that it provides and having closely aligned values. 

We bill ourselves as nationally local

When we grew that large, that quickly, we knew that we had to put general managers in each territory. This has helped us with our quality assurance, and it’s also helped us manage crews and manage homeowners’ expectations.

For any issues, we have someone local who can go right to the homeowners’ front door and have a conversation with them. So, we bill ourselves as nationally local. Even though we are a national company, and we hope to be in 50 states within five years, we will always have local management who live and work in the area. And that becomes their community. They live there, they work there, they give back there. It’s part of our commitment to our customers for transparency and assistance.”